60 Years of the 53rd, Simply Scouting since 1958.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
On Sunday 2nd September the 53rd Scout group set sail on their celebratory sunset
cruise for their 60th birthday aboard the Salone Catamaran.  The cruise was
organised by the Leaders and the Parents Committee and was attended by
members and friends and family of the 53rd.  The cruise set sail from the old Port
end of the Marina and sailed along the coast line of Limassol.  During the cruise the
catamaran stopped for people to enjoy an early evening swim and to enjoy the
sunset.  We would like to thank Mish mash catering services for providing the finger
food buffet and Cake Bake for donating a delicious cake to top off the celebrations.  
During the cruise special plaques were presented by Marios
Christou, the Chief Commissioner of the Cyprus Scouts
Association, Sotiris Hadjiandreas, Limassol Scouts District
Commissioner, Isaias Ioannides, the Groups Chairman and
Tracey Vlamis the 53rd Group Scout Leader.  The plaques
were in recognition of excellent support given to the group by
people both passed and present.  Alexia Vlamis, Ann
Karakla, Georgina Adams, Elizabeth Photiou, Jez Thorpe,
Bitte Lager and Debbie Elton. Theodoros Zarkas, the
Assistant Cheif Commissioneer awarded members of the
53rd Network Scouts with their certificates for successfully
completing the 3 Peaks Challenge in June of this year.

All the 53rd's current Leaders were also presented with a 60
Years of Scouting Plaque to remember their praticipation
adding to the Histroy of the Group.

Besides the wonderful Sunset and the stop for swimming the
guests were also entertained by Marios and Marios our
excellent DJ's.  They managed to keep the dance floor busy
for the entire cruise playing both old and popular music for
our guest to dance the night away to.  We look forward to
seeing them again at this year's Christmas Dinner Dance
We would also like to thank our volunteers who took almost 2 weeks to sift
through thousands of photos and other memorabilia in order to provide some
nostalgia for the guest to look over.  Bringing back some very special memories
of wonderful times spent with the 53rd over the last 10 years to everyone.  Thank
you to Elin Lager, Anastasia Elton, Ioanna Antoniou, Vasiliki Morari and Stephanie
Thank you everyone for coming along and helping us to celebrate
this wonderful landmark.  We hope you all had an amazing time
and enjoyed the whole experience.  Special thanks goes out to
everyone who helped us achieve this fabulous event, helping both
on the evening and behind the scene preparing everything
beforehand.  We hope you all liked the special edition T-shirt,
which is of course a collectors item. We would also like to thank
Emilios Moraris for designing the special badge to
commemorate our 60th Birthday.  And last but not least we would
like to thank all leaders past and present for making the 53rd
what it is today.