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Miandros two and Aphiktionia Camp 22nd - 23rd April 2017.
We met up at the Blue Cafe at Molos at 9am and started to unpack the Mini Van. First we took the logs out of the mini van onto
the grass and from the grass we took the logs to the Ampitheater. We separated into 2 teams and started our pioneering.
During the work we were given pastries as a snack which made our day great. We made 2 gates which were placed at the
side entrances of the Theatre. The Gates weren't completely finished yet, we split up again so some would finish off the gates
while the others would work on the other pioneering projects at the peer. When we were done, we rested until all of the
Explorers from all over Cyprus arrived and received our name cards including which team we were going to be in. We all
gathered on the peer for flag break,and separated in our teams, which took a long time to do because we had to find others
with the same team as you and make sure you didn't lose them. We were separated into 3 big teams: The Republic Award
team otherwise known as the Miandros team, and the other 2 teams were the ones who weren't getting their Republic Award.
In those 3 big teams, we were split up into our smaller groups. The Miandros group went to present the projects that
represented their Explorer life while the other 2 teams went on to playing games. I went with my team, grabbed my project and
we all went to find a suitable place to present. After we all presented our projects, we walked back to the Blue Cafe where Skip
gave us our Republic Award Knecker, so we could prepare them and after we placed them in a box where they would be
prepared for the ceremony that night. Now that we were done with all that, we started to play games! They were great ways to
bond with our teams. Later on, we took our stuff all the way to GSO near the zoo, put up our tents, and changed into our full
uniform. At  20.15 we were back at the peer and got on parade, told what we were going to be doing, and went to eat. At 21.00
we were gathered at the Ampi Theater. The Miandros group went at the back of the Theatre while the other two groups went to
sit down. Parents came and sat in the Theatre, waiting for the ceremony to start. The ceremony started and soon enough all
the Miandros group received their Republic Award Kneckers. When we received ours, Skip gathered us and we took pictures.
When the ceremony was finished and the parents went home. We had a party with dancing and music. And then went off to
bed at 00.00
The next day we woke up at 7am. We put on our full uniforms, took down our tents, and gathered at the blue cafe and ate
breakfast. When that was done. We separated into our smaller groups and were told that we were going to play a game while
exploring Limassol. We headed off with our teams, with cards and went around limassol solving the cards. When we arrived
back, we received a pin and badge for completing the game. We gathered at the Ampi Theater. They announced who won for
their projects, and said a big thank you to everyone who helped. We walked back to the blue cafe, ate lunch, and went home
by 13.00. -Melissa (Explorer)
Collecting Bone Marrow Samples
On Friday afternoon 6 explorers went to the district scout building for a presentation about why bone marrow is important to save people's lives and
told us the process they go through to find matches for people in need of a bone marrow transplant. This process started off by taking a sample of
their saliva by swabbing their cheeks, after this was done information had to be filled out about their medical history and personal  information, once
this was done they told us that they take it to a lab to be tested and see if they can find a match. It was very interesting and Informative and the next
day we put everything we'd learnt into action. Two explorers went to one of the collecting areas in jumbo where for 4 hours they were collecting swab
samples and taking down personal information of potential bone marrow donors alongside with a leader who came to help, this was also
happening in the mall. It was an interesting experience, where we could really make a difference. All in all at the end of the day over 50 swabs were
collected which will all go to the organisation to see if they can find a match for someone in need.  Anastasia (Explorer)
Miandros One. Planting Trees 12th Feb 2017.
We all met at the Scout District building, along with the rest of the Explorers around Limassol
who are working towards their Republic Award, and got on the bus heading towards Soleas.
Here, we joined another 300 Explorers from all over and separated into sections all around
mountain tops to plant trees. We were given a pot plant, a stick, and began planting endless
rows of trees. With a lot of teamwork, and the Forest station's help, we managed to plant over
1,300 trees, which was a massive success! Afterwards they took us to the village of Evrikou
where we were given lunch. Then we sat in a school in separate groups, where  the Civil
Defence department spoke to us, explaining the basics of First aid and what they're job
actually entails. After such an eventful Sunday, we came back to Limassol and ticked off one
more requirement, getting us closer to completing our Republic Award. By Eleni ( Explorer ).
Survival and Backwoods Man Meeting 19th Feb 2017.
We spent our Saturday learning survival skills and what to do when we find ourselves alone,
without technology, with little food and water, in an unknown place. Alex gave a very interesting
presentation; we got a taste of how difficult/challenging it is to survive in nature and of being aware
of all the dangers. The first thing we have to do is send S.O.S messages. We can do this by
shooting a red flare, or using flashlight, or signal mirror, or fire and smoke. Then we talked about
how to make the perfect shelter to survive a night in the wilderness and what equipment to use and
what to avoid. At noon we were taught how to cook the perfect lunch for a day in the wild: egg in an
orange, or meat with cheese in a potato. All the ventures had so much fun cooking but it was even
more fun eating them! Afterwards Alex showed us how to build a structure to carry an injured
person. Guess who was on the structure. Then Alex showed us how to filter dirty water and turn it in
to safe and clean. Lastly Alex showed us how to make smoke bombs with ping-pong balls and
aluminum foil. We had so much fun that day and now we are ready to survive in woods. By  Ioanna
Night Hike and One day hike 17th - 18th March 2017.
The 53rd Explorers enjoyed the night hike on Friday 17th March. The
route started from the night spot in Silikou Village to Kouka, then Pera
Pedi and back to Silikou from Ayia Mavri. Dinner was at the last check
point, as usual the 53rd out door kitchen serving Spaghetti
Polonaise. All were back in Camp and in tents at 1am. The next day
the Explorers cook breakfast and started their challenging one day
hike getting them ready for the Three and Four day hikes coming up.
Mini Football Feb and March 2017
The Explorer met every Tuesday at the Mezzea mini football pitches in Agia Fylia.  Each week we started with a
small warm up and then did some small exercises to help with football basics such as passing, shooting and
dribbling. We would finish the sessions with a small game. Some players who played football regularly helped the
others who weren't so experienced to improve their skills. Some of the most rewarding things were seeing how
much everyone improved and also to see the smile on all our faces as we enjoyed the beautiful game. By Mac
Three day hike 24th - 26th March 2017.
Day 1. We met at Mountayiaka scout hut at 3pm on Friday. Then we all left together in cars to the start the hike. Once we
arrived at the start we began to hike. The first day luckily was only 5km until Omodhos Village which was where we were
camping. Once we got there we set our tents relaxed a bit and then started dinner which was mash potato and
sausages. After dinner we cleaned everything and went to sleep.
Day 2. We woke up at around 7am had breakfast and made a packed lunch for each one of us then quickly packed up the
tents because we had to start hiking at 8am. Once we started hiking we passed through the amazing countryside and to
the lovely old villages. We were off to Agios Georgios because that is where we were going to spend our second night.
After hiking 17 km we finally reached Agios Giorgios, we set up our tents and then started dinner which was spaghetti
bolognaise it was delicious.  After that is was time for bed because we had a long day to come.
Day 3. We woke up again around 7am had breakfast and then packed our tents and off we went for the last 17km of the
three day hike. We again walked around the countryside. After hours of hiking we had arrived at a church, with a view of
Lania,were we had a break and had lunch that we made that morning.  After lunch we started hiking again but luckily it
was nearly all downhill which was a big help because we had all had sour shoulders from hiking with 15 kilo rucksacks.
Finally, as we turned round the last bend and saw skip and all the cars there and we knew that it was the finish. It was
the best feeling ever, I was also very happy that all of us finished it safely and altogether.By Bridget ( Explorer ).
Thales Challenge 2017, Four day hike 8th - 11th April.
In the beginning we were taken for a 1 and a half hour drive to the starting point which north of Polis. We then set off with high
hopes to the Village of Philousa. As time went on, it got harder and harder but we kept going. It was very enjoyable and we finally
arrived at our 1st campsite. We set up tents, played some games and had fun. We began to cook (Noodles and Sauce) and as
soon as we finished it started to rain. The calm sounds of the rain then made us fall asleep and it was soon the second day.
We woke up at 6am sharp and slowly came out of our tents to make breakfast (Cheese Toasties). As soon as we ate we packed
and headed off. We knew today would be the hardest of the 4 and we began walking whilst taking in the beautiful scenery. We
eventually came to a water fountain which was our salvation, after walking in the scorching sun, and we continued on our difficult,
continuously uphill journey. We arrived at Galataria and we were greeted by the kind Mayor and we set up tents and again started to
cook immediately (Spaghetti and Sausages). We were even more tired today and we feel asleep instantly.
It was a perfect, calm, sunny day and we ate our breakfast (Cereal). We set off as soon as we could and began our penultimate
journey to Nata. The scenery was even more beautiful today however the pictures don't capture the beauty. Even though we had
less weight and an easier journey today, it was harder due to the distances we hiked the days before. We still pushed onward and,
ahead of schedule, we arrived at Nata after a long uphill. We then relaxed as we were extremely tired and played some games. We
then set up tents but had to move them to the other side of the building due to strong winds. We also set up a fire and cooked our
food and we soon went to bed.
We woke at 6 again and procrastinated but we eventually got up. We ate breakfast (Pita-Sweet Bread and Cereal bars). Tents and
equipment were packed and we set off as soon as we could for our last journey of the hike. We took in the breath-taking view as we
walked towards Pafos Airport. We wanted to get there as soon as we could and our motivation levels were at a high so in less than
3 and a half hours we arrived at our finish with smiles on our faces and milkshakes in our mind. By Christopher (Explorer)
Above: Hikers at the start Argaka Village.

Below: Hikers at the finish, Pafos Airport.
Above: 6 Scouts become
Explorers at the Going Up
Parade on the 14th Oct 17.
K1.5 Assualt Hike 15th October 2017
JOTI 20th - 21st October 2017
On Friday night Explorers from the 53rd and 280th Scout Groups meet at the Moutayiaka Scout Hut
to start their overnight camp. Once tents had been pitched it was time for the dinner, Lasagna
cooked in the Dutch ovens. After dinner the Explorers had time to relax and get to know each other
better. At 12 the first Patrol started their time on the Laptops contacting Scouts all around the World
collecting Jid codes as part of this years JOTI game. At 2am and 4am the other two Patrols had
their time online. In the morning the Explorers had collected over 200 Jid codes.  After breakfast
the Explorers tried the JOTI challenge build a kit and fly it. At 1pm the Camp finished.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Trip to Larnaca and the Camel Park 27th Jan 2018.
On Saturday we all met at the scout hut in Moutayiaka and got the bus to go to
Larnaca where we visited the Larnaca fort and learned a bit about it. After the
Cubs,Scouts and Explorers walked to Saint Lazarus church and in groups went
inside to see the church and the Tomb of Saint Lazarus. First to go in were the
Cubs with the Explorers after we came out we all had a little lunch and then the
Scouts went inside. After we were all done we all went back on the buses to go
to the Mazotos Camel Park where all the Explorers had a chance to ride a
camel around the park and then in our patrol we all went on a treasure hunt that
made us go up and down all over the park. Then we had a mini golf competition
which admittedly we were not that good at and lastly we had a punching and
kicking competition and after we had some fun in the fun room and went on the
rodeo. At around 3 we all got on the buses and arrived back to the scout hut at
around 4 where our parents picked us up.  By Vassiliki(Explorer)   
One day hike 11th Feb 2018.
On Sunday, 11th February, the Scouts and Explorers met at 08:30 at Moutagiaka scout hut. It was a very cloudy morning but that wasn't going
to stop any of us from hiking. Explorers  were required to have sleeping bags inside their rucksacks which took up half the space. We all
loaded onto the bus and we were driven to the start where we began our hike to St. George's Church. The first part of the hike was generally
easy, we stomped through a few streams, hiked and made a lot of jokes and puns. We had our lunch at checkpoint four, before the hard part
began. Explorers were split in two groups to go and guide the scouts onto the correct route. It required a lot of teamwork to get up the
mountain as it was a steep slope. After about a One and a half hours or more, everyone was up. Once we got to the top, we regrouped and
continued our short walk to the end. There, we took a group photo and got back onto the bus. We got back to the scout hut at around 16:00,
tired, but happy. Overall, it was a great hiking experience. Lynne ( wannabe Explorer )
53rd Explorers help run the
Scout  meetings on the 3rd
and 10th Feb at the 303rd
Apolstlos Lukas Scout Group.
53rd Explorers help once
again at the Theodokos
Foundation on the 3rd Feb
for part of their Values Badge.
Hiking and Geocaching in the
Snow on Sunday 4th Feb.
53rd Explorers visit the
Yermasoyia Dog sanctuary
on the 27th Jan and do
some community service
as part of this years
Maindros One Project.
Best Explorer for 2017 is Elin.
The Presentation was made
at the Christmas Camp.
One day Kit List for Hikers
Hikers Briefing notes
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