Limassol Scout District Trip to KISC Switzerland 11th - 22nd Aug  2019
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
The 2019 trip to the Kandersteg International Scout Centre was the embodiment of scouting; it was a dream come true. We
did multiple hikes, white water rafting, viewed many scenic sights, swam and sailed in a freezing cold lake, slept over in a cow
hut and attended the international campfire.

We left Limassol at midnight and went to Larnaca airport, we checked and waited for our flight to Belgrade where we had to
then get another flight to Zurich. Arriving in Belgrade we were all very tired but excited! Only to find that we our flight to
Zurich was cancelled. However, we made the best of Belgrade and got to stay in a nice hotel. We rested a bit and then
explored Belgrade. The next day, we finally got our flight to Zurich and then bus to Kandersteg.

Upon arrival in KISC we were split into two groups and rooms. The groups were split by age, so sixteen years old and above
were in group one and below sixteen were in group two. Group one did a few harder and more challenging hikes than group

One of the hikes we did is known as the Cheesery Hike. We walked around two kilometres from the chalets and began our
ascent with our Pinkie, who would guide us around the mountain. It was a very demanding hike due to the steepness of the
mountains face. In the end, it was definitely worth it; we enjoyed traditional Swiss cheese and extravagant views over
A hike that group one did is called the Lotchenpass. It is the most gruelling and
challenging track they did. It’s path circled around a huge and steep mountain, at the top
there was a small restaurant which sold cake. Apparently, the cake was really good, and
the view even better.

On day four, all of us went up to a glacier lake; it was amazing. It’s water was solid blue,
and freezing cold. We sailed around the lake in a rowboat, admiring the view. Then, some
of us, jumped into the lake to experience its freezing temperature. Nearby, there was a
sled run. It was a roller coaster type of slide that went round the mountains face, exposing
us to many magnificent views.

On day seven, we took the train far away from Kandersteg, to a village called Thun to visit
their castle. Thun castle was huge, it had a museum of its history and had truly amazing
views of the village.
One of the best things we did in Switzerland was white water rafting. In the morning of
day six, we prepared to leave by train to another village where we would raft on a
river called Lutschine. It had level four rapids and was extremely fun; we bounced up
and down holding on for dear life.
Later that evening we attended the international
campfire. All of the current scouts in the chalets met up
and sung campfire songs and performed funny sketches
around a huge campfire. It was a campfire to never

Another hike we did is called the Ueschinen hike. This
was a two day hike where we walked up the mountain
side and into a valley, we then trekked up the valley to a
cow hut, and camped with the cows. At the cow hut we
played board games, learnt new knots and enjoyed
more breath taking views. Early the next morning, we
began our descent back to the chalets.
Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. On the last
day, we packed (barely zipping our suit cases), ate and then began
our final journey home to Cyprus.

KISC is perfect; it has the friendliest atmosphere and experiences
like nothing else. I will never forget my short time in Kandersteg and
the friendships that I made there. Nothing else in the world could
beat KISC 2019, apart from KISC 2021.

By Beau M ( 53rd Explorer )