24th World Scout Jamboree WSJ USA  22nd July to 2nd August 2019.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
21st and 22nd July
On the afternoon of the 21st, all the participants from Limassol met at the district building. With huge smiles on our faces, we said our
goodbyes to our families and set off on a bus to the airport. Slowly, slowly, we passed through the airport until, finally, we boarded our first
plane to Dubai. Five hours later, we landed and had to run across the massive airport to make it in time for our connecting flight. Aboard our
14 hour, long flight, we went through the cycle of sleeping, eating, watching movies and repeating. Somehow, that never ending plane ride,
came to an end and we were in America! Unfortunately, we still had a five hour bus ride remaining. After a stop at Walmart, we had finally
arrived at our final destination… the Jamboree! The weather was not in our favour though and was pouring with rain the whole night. So we
settled in and took a much needed, long sleep.   By Natalia E
23rd July
In the morning, we woke up early, ate our breakfast and set off on our first
activity, the canopy. This activity was zip-lining over the beautiful forest at our
campsite. We waited in a line for 5 hours before finally completing the amazing
activity. After zip-lining, we bought ice-creams to cool off before heading back to
our campsite to get ready for the opening ceremony. We had ice cold showers,
changed into our uniforms, had dinner and started walking towards the huge,
main stadium. At the ceremony, we cheered for Cyprus and met new people
as we waited for it to begin. We had the privilege of seeing Bear Grylls and
listening to music performed by an awesome band. At the end, there was also
a drone show which was really amazing and followed by the last cheers of
50000 scouts before everyone headed back to their campsites. When we got
back, we had hot drinks and went to bed.  By Sophi I
24th July
We woke up at 6am and had cereal for breakfast. The leaders then told us that we could go where ever we wanted. We split in approximately 6 groups of 6.
Most of us went to “the Rocks” which is a rock-climbing activity. There were many courses of all climbing difficulties. Also, there was a tall 12-metre platform
that was called “the leap of faith” where you could jump and fall down while a safety rope were holding you. We really enjoyed that. Then we attended a West
Virginia University course about rock climbing and got a badge. We returned at the campsite at 4:30pm to eat dinner. We had pasta with sauce and burgers.
At night we went to a concert next to us and had fun. We gathered back at the campsite at 10:00pm and went to bed. By Stylianos A
25th July
In the morning, we woke up at 7am for breakfast. We had  scrambled
eggs; bacon; cereals and then we headed out to go to the sup board.
We had a look at the science behind watersports and also the
wildlife, which we got a badge for. The sup boarding was really fun
and we enjoyed jumping in the water and splashing around as well.
Late in the day, we had some free time, so some of us went scuba
diving which was very interesting and exciting. For dinner, we
decided that we would have a dinner with our American neighbors,
who kindly put our tents up for us before we arrived. They made
burgers and we cooked chicken. They were really interesting to talk
to. That night we attended a party, there were quite a few people, so it
was really fun. After a long day, we finally went to bed. By Joss H
26th July
We woke up at 8am in the morning, cooked and had our cereal. Afterwards, we started to
prepare for culture day. We practiced our traditional dances and then we had free time until
2pm to explore the campsite. Some of us walked to camp D and further which is really far
away from our campsite. We learnt dances from Texas, met Australians, ate corndogs and
got painted by Italians. At 2pm we started bringing people into our campsite and taught
them about Cyprus by giving them traditional food to try like “Loukoumia” and
“shoushouko”. We also had 2 people dressed in traditional clothing and people doing
traditional dances. Badges and t-shirts were swapped with different things from around the
world. Afterwards, we had some time to go to other countries. We got ready and made our
way to the Unity show. They presented different religions and cultures and afterwards they
brought Broadway performers for us to watch and they sang all kinds of Disney songs. After
a long night, we had some hot chocolate and went to bed.  By Thraso G
27th July
Today, we woke up at 6am and packed our things in order to get ready to go to Mount Jack. We had breakfast at 6:30am,
ate cereal and packed our lunch for the long journey ahead. We walked up the mountain. It took us just over an hour to get
there, but the travel was followed by a very beautiful view. The weather was very pleasant to hike through. Once we arrived,
we were introduced to the activities available on the top of the mountain. We broke off into our groups and went ahead to
whatever activities we liked. There was knife and axe throwing, a blacksmith, pioneering, workshops and cross-country
obstacle races and a 1920 campsite. At around 1pm, we all made our way down to the central stage. There was a
barbecue and live music and at 2:30pm, we all met up together for a group photo. We hiked all the way back down the
mountain. Upon arrival, we all showered and went to charge our devices and Lefkara patrol prepared dinner. By Irene F
28th July
Today, we woke up at 8am, had breakfast and put on our full uniforms to prepare for the 10am church service. After the church
service ended, the unit met up with the other Cypriot units to take a picture. After that, the group went their separate ways, however,
most people went zip-lining. We booked a time and zipped across the stadium and world point. After the zip lines, we tried food
from different countries at the food tents. Today, was very tiring, especially due to the heat and the service, so we went back to the
campsite and showered and the Vouni patrol began preparing dinner. Straight after dinner, Vouni patrol cleared up before heading
up to the talent show at our base camp. By Jessica T
29th July
Today, was a very busy but fun day. Some people woke up at 6am to go to the shooting ranges. The rest of us woke at 6:30am and
went to do kayaking. We were lucky as we were the first to get there so there was no queue. After kayaking, our group headed to
the rock climbing which was extremely fun. We even did the leap of faith, where you had to jump off a very high wooden shelter,
supported only by a few ropes.
Around 6:30pm, we arrived at sub camp F, where four of us had dinner with the American troop that we had met in KISC,
Switzerland 2 years ago. It was so nice seeing them again and sharing memories from Switzerland and making new friends. We
taught them how to play some card games and they showed us their troop song. We even promised to meet up again before the
jamboree ends. We arrived at our camp at 10pm where all of us shared our days experience and then went to bed. By Ioanna A
30th July
We woke up at 7am, had breakfast and at 7:30am, set off for some activities like the water obstacle course. We were pretty tired after that so we went to “the food and beverage tent”. I had onion rings and chips, while
others had corn dogs –very American! We then met with our friends from Canada and decided to go to sit by the lake. While we were there, we heard an emergency alert, warning everyone about a storm and that we
had to get shelter ASAP. We began to run back to our camp but on our way there, we realized, the main bridge (which we needed to cross to get back to our campsite) was closed until the lightning advisory was
lifted. We decided to take the long trail back to our camp, instead of waiting for the bridge to open. While we were walking, it began to rain heavily so we had to run back to camp and we were soaking wet, so we
changed and got ready for dinner. For diner, we had pasta with tomato sauce. At 8pm there was the basecamp A/B bash, where a DJ and a band came to play for us. It finished by 10:30pm and by 11pm, we were all
in bed. It was a long and exciting day.  By Stephanie K
31st July
As the jamboree was about to end soon, we decided to head up to the world point and take a walk around the summit just to take in the beautiful area before we left. By lunchtime, it began to rain so we stopped at a
food house to buy some food and get shelter from the storm. When the rain calmed down a bit, we met some friends who had invited some of us to dinner previously. Together, we headed towards Brownsea Island,
the artificial island to represent where scouting started. We did activities there, with not only our friends, but also scouts from other countries. After the tour of the island, we began heading back to our camp to take a
shower and wash our clothes. After dinner, most of us went to our base camp bash which had great music on that night.  By Jessica T
1st August
Everyone woke up at around 8am and we started to cook breakfast. We had pancakes, scrambled eggs
and bacon. At around 9:45am, we started going to the rafting. At around 11:30am we were on the bus,
heading to the river. At 12:30pm we started to get on the rafts and go down the river. We had a swim and
after a couple of hours hopped back on the bus and returned to the campsite. Some of us took our tents
down whilst others cooked. After we changed to go to the closing ceremony there was an amazing long
firework and light show  and “Pentatonix” performed. After a long, long day, we went to sleep.
2nd August
As normal, we were woken up really early, but, this was no ordinary day…it was the last day of the
Jamboree (JAMBOREE!) We were overwhelmed with emotions, not wanting to leave this lovely “city” which
was a community built by scouts who came to the Jamboree (JAMBOREE!) with the common purpose of
making friends and having the time of our lives.
However, we had to put our emotions aside and break camp quickly so that we were ready for the coach
that was coming to pick us up at precisely 11:30. When everything was packed and ready to go, we
hopped on the coach and, as usual, the coach was silent as everyone fell into deep, deep sleep. That
coach ride also offered us the opportunity to properly reflect on our time spent in the Jamboree
(JAMBOREE!) and the amazing week we just had.
We made a quick stop at “burger king” and hopped right back on to the coach to continue to the second
part of our trip…NYC and DC!
We arrived in Washington DC, where we were to spend our next 2 nights, and were told to quickly run back
down to get food. Lucky for us, there was a Popeye’s right next to our hotel, the “Sheraton Reston”. Popeye’
s had your typical American fried food, which we were to get used to for the next week. The day mostly
consisted of travelling, but at least we were able to catch a glimpse of Washington from our bus-window.
We were in bed by 10:30pm and slept instantly. By Lynne M
3rd August
We woke up quite early had breakfast and by 9am we went on the bus. The bus took us in to
the city, and the first place where we stopped was the White House, then we went to meet
Abraham Lincoln. After some pictures we then went to visit the Capital building and lastly
spent a few hours in the National Geographic Museum. After the museum we ate dinner and
had some relaxing time at the grass area called “The Mall “while some people went
shopping. After the bus came and picked us up and took us back to the hotel.
4th August
We had breakfast and soon after packed the bus with our bags, and began heading to New
York. The drive was long, approximately 5 hours. However we stopped half way to buy some
lunch and snacks for the way. By the time we got to New York and given out room keys, it
became quite late. So we soon headed down to Times Square, where we ate dinner. Some
ate at Planet Hollywood while others ate in other restaurants. After dinner we went back to
the hotel and went to bed excited for the next day. By Jessica T
5th August
We woke up and had a lovely breakfast in our hotel.  Then we started heading towards
the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum which was quite far from our hotel. Walking in
New York was like being on a movie set, we all have watched TV series or movies that
were set in New York and now it felt like we were part of them. Once we arrived at the
museum we met some friends from Portugal that we had already met at the
Jamboree. Intrepid was so interesting and breath-taking, it is a massive aircraft
carrier. We got to go on a tour in the Growler – the world’s oldest existing nuclear
missile submarine. Then we learned about some other cool aircrafts and explored the
space museum, which houses the “Enterprise’ the first shuttle which went to the
moon and back. A highlight of our time there was when we found a Greek Boy Scout
Plaque that was given to a ship’s crew back in 1961 when they visited Greece and is
now on display at the museum. After we left the museum we walked back to our hotel
to get our tents and dry them in Central Park. It would be cool if we could actually camp
there but after a while we had to put them away. In the evening we went to see the
Empire State Building standing in the vicinity and then we had free time to shop at
Macy’s and had dinner. At around 10pm we were back to the hotel and by 10:30pm we
were all in bed. By Ioanna A
6th August
In the morning we woke up and went down for breakfast at a restaurant next to our hotel. Once
we were all done we went to the subway station and took a train all the way to the 9/11 memorial
site. When we got off the train we came out of the current World Trade Center. We then walked
around a little bit and got to see where the twin towers used to be. Then we went to the One
World Trade Center nearby. We went all the way up to the 104th floor and saw all of New York
from the top. We then got onto a ferry that took us around the Statue of Liberty. Afterwards we
stopped by China town. We had a couple hours to do our souvenir shopping and then we
headed back to the hotel. Once we got back we had some free time before we had our dinner
and then went to bed. By Thraso G
7th - 8th - 9th August
On the 7th, we had our very last breakfast in New York. I made sure to finish my American experience strong with a thick stack of American-style pancakes. We all returned to our rooms to change and pack all of our
belongings which we left in the hotel for the stewards to take them down. We then headed out on our last adventure of the trip and walked the streets of NYC to reach the renowned Madame Toussauds. The experience
was unforgettable. We took pictures with all Celebs from Bieber to the president of America, Trump. When we reached the end we had the pleasure (more like the displeasure of trying bacon-flavoured chocolate. We
were then kindly given hoodies as souvenirs and made our way back to the hotel to be picked up by the coach. We reached the airport and went through the long process of security, only to be followed by the long plane
ride to Dubai.
Upon arrival in Dubai, we were hit by the deadly heat even late at night, which was compensated by its impressive buildings and architecture. We had the pleasure in staying in one of the Emirates’ hotels where we
were given rooms to sleep and a buffet for dinner. We had a total of 3 hours of sleep when we were woken up to change and get on our final flight to our very own Larnaca Airport. When we got back to the district office,
we were greeted by smiling parents who embraced with long warm hugs. It was an absolutely amazing month that I’m glad to have had the pleasure of experiencing! By Lynne M