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Summer camp Dhekelia 5th - 11th July 2019
On the first day we got our things ready and pitched the tent, then we played lots of games and did lots of
badges like the science badge the communications badge and I also got to build a catapult. We also
played capture the flag with water balloons. When it was night time we had a campfire, we did sketches
and sang lots of songs.

On the second day we had morning exercise we played and stretched. After that we went to the beach to
do the swimmers badge then we played a game similar to water polo.  Next when we had free time some
played football. After we continued with the science badge we made crystals then we launched the ball
from the catapulted. During the sunset and played a huge jenga after that we got ready for the wide game,
it’s a game that we play during the night, you have to make it from the gate to the flag pole without getting
caught, and we played two rounds. In the first round the leaders try to get us and in the second round we
tried to get the leaders.

On the third day we did the normal routine of morning exercise with the ventures and then we went to the
beach and continued with the badge, we got rocks and sand, collected rubbish and played games, then
we came back. We and had free time after we played human table football it was exciting. Then a new
leader got her Necker and then we took photographs we got ready for movie night we watch snow white
and the huntsman it was full of action.

On the fourth day we had morning exercise with the scouts we played bang then we did the science
badge we had to do a water filter while it was doing that we went and saw our crystals. After we did some
archery. Next we played battleships in real life then we did game night we played tic tic toe, uno, stress,
Chinese checkers and played other marble games.

On the fifth day we got ready to play avengers endgame in real life our team name was iron man and I
had to be the mascot of our team, we did two challenges until lunch. We had to compete for the power
stone, the soul stone and the time stone after launch went to the beach and did the space stone and the
mind stone then we did the reality stone we played human table football and the best super hero was
black widow and captain America. During the night we played beetle drive, you have to draw a beetle with
a dice and had a campfire.

On the last day we packed or staff had breakfast and waited for the bus when the bus came we got in and
we were going home. When we made it we did the badges. After that the leaders dismiss as and that
was the end of summer camp.

By Michael H ( Cub )