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53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
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minutes of the Parents  
Meeting 26th Oct 2019
Above: Members of the 53rd
Parents Committee running a
Fund raising Cake Stall at the
Gang Show on the 15th Dec 2018.
53rd Bowling Team
The 53rd Bowling Team, Strikers.
The team plays every Monday in
the Famagusta Bowling friends
League at Galactica Bowling Alley.
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minutes of the Parents
Meeting 12th October
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minutes of the Parents
Meeting 18th Jan 2020
Sponsored Walkdown, Saturday 2nd March 2019.
At 5 am on Saturday morning a group of 17 Hikers  took on the Galactic challenge of
the 53rd Walkdown hike to become Hiking Jedi.  All those involved were taken by car
to the Platres Trout Farm, where they began the 42Km hike.  The temperature was a
cool 6 degrees and light rain was in the air.  They continued to Mesa Potamos and
Siatas on towards Trimiklimi. The support team was with them all the way
consisting a number of cars.  Throughout the day there were various check points.  
After Trimiklimi there was a climb to Ayios Mamas, where they received the famous
53rd Walkdown T-shirt. and then they were taken by car to Kalochoiro.  From
Kalochoiro they hiked to Louvaras, Amyrou Monestry, through Akrounda and on to
the finish, Yermasogiea Dam. 14 hikers finished in times from 9hr to 11hrs.  The
53rd would like to thank all of them for taking up this challenge, which is definately
not for the faint hearted and all who sponsered them raising much needed funds.
Above: The 53rd's 2019
Walkdown hike support team,
Yoda masters.
Family BBQ 30th June 2019.
On Sunday 30th June the 53rd had another fun day for all the family. A  
family barbeque, the purpose of which was to raise much needed funds.  
The event started with a short hike of approximately 4kms,  'The group
split into three teams and took with them GPS to do Geocaching along
the dirt track to Kapilio. Whilst they were gone the Parents Committee
and leaders  prepared  the food which was ready at 1.30pm. After lunch it
was time to relax or join in with play some games.  Some joined in on the
volley ball pitch for a match, others played football and badminton.  It was
a fabulous way to get to know more about each other and enjoy the
cooler weather up the mountians.  What a great end to the scouting year.
Family weekend Camp Polis 15th - 16th June 2019
An eventful weekend was had by some of the parents and members of the 53rd at the family camp in
Polis.  Most of us arrived on Saturday morning and pitched our tents.  Some of us went down to the beach
whilst others chilled out in the campsite. Unfortunately a huge thunderstorm struck in the afternoon and
washed some of the tents out.  Luckily for us the sun came out and people were able to dry out their
things ready for the evening.  This didn't spoil the fun and the children enjoyed playing in the puddles
whilst the adults prepared dinner.  It didn't dampened peoples spirits and we went on to enjoy a very
pleasant evening.  Unfortunately when we checked the weather forcast in the morning it promised more
of the same and the decision was made to pack up the tents. After a lovely cooked breakfast we started to
pack up.  Once the site was all packed we all went to enjoy the sunshine on the beach for a few hours,
timing it just right to leave before the storm came back.  It was a shame for those who planned to come
and join us on Sunday, maybe we'll have better weather next time.  
53rd Christmas Dinner Dance 2019.
We would like to thank everyone who helped and took part in this years
53rd's Christmas Dinner Dance on Saturday 7th December at Ceti Locale.
The atmosphere was amazing with delicious food and plenty of drink and of
course fabulous entertainment provided by our favorite DJ's Marios and
Marios which kept the dance floor full. Thanks also to everyone who
provided some superb prizes for our Christmas lottery.